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Mun,delegate of australia

The delegate of Australia Is very excited to collaborate with delegates and participate In this prestigious conference. Today our delegation Is here to discuss two of the most aggravating issues in the world. It is a great concern to our people, and we are sure that it is a great concern to the entire world as well. The house is here to firstly discuss the Rebuilding South Sedan's Economy, following its Recent Independence and Ongoing Conflict with Sudan.As a new nation, South Sudan is building some of TTS institutions from the very start, with core administrative structures and mechanisms of political representation beginning to emerge. The Government Is still struggling to provide basic services for the majority of the population. Since the country independence in July 201 1, high inflation has been affecting the economy, which remains relatively undeveloped. Secondly, the HIVE virus, most commonly known as AIDS. AS all of you are aware, Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination Agains t those Infected with HIVE/.They tend too suffers from a tremendous lack of lath care, which accelerates the population's death rate. The HEADWINDS is affecting 1. 1 million people in the country,therefore they are forced to leave their homes and are left In poverty. CLC. Due to Its history of so many civil wars, diseases and death rates are always increasing in The widespread destruction of homes and hospitals has left children without families and many people with sicknesses and injuries. Because of the country poverty, state health facilities offer no treatment for HIVE/AIDS other than voluntary tests and council.The HEADWINDS virus acts as a significant brake on the economic growth and development of the country, since the people affected are forced to leave their Jobs. For these reasons we urge all delegates of the house to vote In favor of our resolution. TLS delegate of Australia wishes to contribute and collaborate with other delegates to solve these very urgent issues. Than k you for your attention Topic 1: after decades of brutal civil war that left two and a half million dead, the devastated and vastly underdeveloped southern part of Sudan secured Its Independence In 011.The world's youngest country came into existence amid great challenges. Secession from Sudan marked a major milestone and opportunity for South Sudanese, but the nascent state has remained fragile. During its first years of independence, an oil standoff with neighboring Sudan, inter-communal violence, persistent rebellions by splinter militia groups, increasingly constrained political space, corruption, and limited economic opportunities troubled the young nation. Then, In 2013. Power struggle within the ruling political party mutated Into an armed conflict, first on the streets of the capital city, and then across the country. South Sedan's latest war has killed thousands and displaced almost one million people. Although a cessation of hostilities agreement has since been signed, it is not being enforced. As South Sudanese seek to move forward, they have to build stable inclusive national dialogue process, security sector reform, and real accountability measures are needed to address the root causes of South Sedan's violence.Otherwise, the continued violence raises the specter of further atrocity crimes, and ungenerous destabilize consequences for the region. Industry and infrastructure in landlocked South Sudan remain limited, imposing prohibitive costs on the procurement and delivery of relief items and other operational activities. Seasonal rains and annual flooding render large parts of the country inaccessible by road between June and November. Inter-ethnic conflicts continue in various parts of the country, causing internal and cross-border displacement. In Jingle, more than 132,000 were displaced by August 2013.The rate of refugee influxes from Sudan remains considerable, with almost 6,700 individuals registered between January and August 2013 in Unity and Upper Nile states. The South Sudanese authorities continue to provide protection and safety for over 234,000 refugees in the country and have allocated land for two new refugee camps in Unity and Upper Nile States. Following the creation of the Commission for Refugee Affairs in early 2013, the authorities established a regular presence in the refugee-hosting areas, ensuring effective coordination with humanitarian actors on the ground.In a newly independent nation, parts of the population remain at risk of coming stateless by virtue of being of mixed Sudanese-South Sudanese parentage, originating from border areas, or having resided in Sudan for an extended period of time. TOPIC 2 actors that contribute to Wealds-related stigma include: HIVE/AIDS is a life-threatening disease, and therefore people react to it in strong ways. HIVE infection is associated with behaviors (such as homosexuality, drug addiction, prostitution or promiscuity) that are already stigmatize in many societi es.Most people become infected with HIVE through sex, which often carries moral baggage. There is a lot of inaccurate information about how HIVE is transmitted, creating irrational behavior and misconceptions of personal risk. HIVE infection is often thought to be the result of personal irresponsibility. Religious or moral beliefs lead some people to believe that being infected with HIVE is the result of moral fault (such as promiscuity or ‘deviant sex') that deserves to be punished. The effects of intervocalic therapy on people's physical appearance can result in forced disclosure and discrimination based on appearance

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Eco Friendly Sustainability Consultancy And Fee Structure

WORKING HOURS Eco-Friendly sustainability consultancy is intended to be a full-time business: Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays and evenings will be consultation, measuring and quoting jobs. 7. Marketing Strategy Our target markets will be small and medium sized existing buildings seeking sustainability consultancy in the surrounding region. Eco-Friendly Sustainability Consultancy will market its services by placing an ad in the yellow pages, listing with all local business and industry associations, developing a brochure to be distributed to lending institutions and clients, becoming an active member of a number of construction and consulting associations, networking with the local business community, and developing†¦show more content†¦Eng. F. Abraham will join local construction consulting associations to maintain contacts in the construction community as well as to stay well informed about the business issues that are important to local businesses. Description of Key Competitors There are few sustainability consulting companies focusing only on maintenance of existing small and medium sized buildings in the United Kingdom. Mostly are large consulting firms (more than 30 employees) that offer consulting services to small and medium sized businesses. However, these large firms cannot cost effectively service this market due to high overhead and labour costs. Small and medium sized businesses usually cannot afford the high hourly fees charged by these firms. Business from this target market does not represent a significant portion of the revenues generated by these large firms which all specialize in new projects. Analysis of Competitive Position Eco-Friendly sustainability Consultancy will be the only consulting firm in the region specializing in providing sustainability consulting services to small and medium sized existing building refurbishment. Eco-Friendly sustainability consultancy has a competitive advantage in this area due to the innovative unique idea. However, as a new business, it may take time to establish a strong client base and develop a reputation as a small business specialist. Pricing Strategy Eco-Friendly sustainability Consultancy services will be priced

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Negative Effects of Hip-Hop - 2186 Words

| The Negative Effects of Hip-Hop | Malachi Norman English 101April 8, 2013Professor Stayton MWF 9:00 am | From the beats to the lyrics, the current generation of youth is engrossed in hip-hop culture, tending to idolize the artist behind the songs. Since the 1970s, hip-hop has influenced American culture tremendously. In the past, hip-hop held a central focus around inequality, empowerment and overcoming hardships. Today, hip-hop talks more about sex, money, a male dominant social standing, and drugs. Hip-hop, from then to now, has drifted to the darker side of the social spectrum. The majority of today’s youth were subconsciously thrust into a time when the darkness of hip-hop was nearing its climax. Young African American males†¦show more content†¦The communication skills are not as strong today because of the influence of hip-hop. Hip-hop music is known for containing a great deal of slang. A slang word is a word that many people associate with poor grammar and questionable diction. What most of us do not realize is how much slang is used in day-to-day life. It is sim ply considered a part of normal and accepted language. It has a negative effect on our young black males because they tend to learn slang before starting kindergarten, which contributes to the illiteracy of black people. The same people, who learn slang before learning proper English, begin incorporating slang into communications with other people, essentially deflecting from improving society’s view about black people. Hip-hop music uses a variety of slang terms that change as hip-hop evolves and changes. Much of its lexicon is drawn from African-American vernacular English. Hip-hop slang gives ordinary words new meanings. Harlem rapper Lamont Coleman (stage name Big L) released a song on his posthumous album The Big Picture entitled Ebonics. In this song, Big L goes through various hip-hop slang terms and gives their proper meanings. Yo, yo A burglary is a jook, a wolf s a crook Mobb Deep already explained the meanin of shook If you caught a felony, you caught a F If you g ot killed, you got left If you got the dragon, you got bad breath If you 7:30, that mean you crazy Hit me on the hip means page meShow MoreRelatedHip-Hop Essay938 Words   |  4 PagesFebruary 15, 2012 The Positives and Negatives of Hip-Hop In Geoffrey Bennett’s essay titled, â€Å"Hip-Hop: A Roadblock or Pathway to Black Empowerment,† he speaks about the positive and negative effects that hip-hop has on the Black Community. Bennett goes all the way to the beginning of hip-hop, which he says took place in the early 1980s with rappers such as Run DMC, Public Enemy, Sugar Hill Gang and many others. The author then speaks about how hip-hop grew not only in the young black AfricanRead MoreThe Hip Hop Generation And Its Impact On Society1371 Words   |  6 PagesDominiquie Gray English- 102 Argumentative Essay 6 December 2015 The Hip Hop Generation and its Impact on Society. Throughout history, Hip Hop has manifest into more than a simple form of life, but as a powerful cultural movement. Hip Hop plays a major part in African American culture, dialogue, fashion, and self expression. Today, Hip Hop has a joined people of many nationalities, races, and ethnicities as a society. The Hip Hop Generation has begun to redefine African American cultural normsRead MoreRap Music : Hip Hop Essay1509 Words   |  7 PagesRap, or hip hop as some call it, ranks in the top ten of most popular music genres in the world. Since it burst on the scene in the late 1970s, rap music changed the landscape of the music industry, especially for African-American artists. The genre accredited some of the biggest names in the music industry. Popular artists like LL Cool J, Tupac, Notorious B. I. G., Jay-Z, Kanye West, and many others produce, or have produced, millions of hip-hop records. The secret to the success of hip hop centersRead MoreThe Effects Of Violent Music On The Youth Culture1316 Words   |  6 Pagesthe effect of violent music, both positive and negative towards African American men, women, and children. The articles also provides information that will support the reason how Hip-hop has such an impact on the youth culture, how Hip-hop is valued, and how the music and its lyrics are interpreted. Changing Images of Violence Rap music lyrics: 1979-1997 Hip- hop has both a negative and positive impact on African American lives. Over the past three decades, Hip-hop hasRead MoreThe Music Of The Hip Hop1412 Words   |  6 PagesThe Hip Hop is basically a cultural movement that originated in the Suburbs of cities. It was began to evolve in 1970 and in particular by the Americans who of African descent (American Africans) . Rap is a type of singing. It combines the performance of different rap utter words without committing to a particular tune, and rhythm. Rap began in Kingston, Jamaica City at the end of the sixties as a kind new musical was derived from dancehall. It has spread in the United States at the beginning ofRead MoreThe Music Of The Hip Hop1673 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"I said the hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it to the bang, bang boogie, say you jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.† â€Å"Rapper’s Delight† is a song recor ded in 1979 by American hip hop trio The Sugarhill Gang. It was the original 12-inch single was 15 minutes of incontestable urban-playboy bragging. â€Å"Rapper’s Delight† was not the first single but, it is generally considered to be the song that made hip hop in the United States popularRead MoreRap Music And Hip Hop Culture1097 Words   |  5 Pageshas been around for many decades. Rap/hip hop is a  music genre that consists of a stylized  rhythmic music that usually accompanies rapping. Since rap music’s explosion, it took the industry and became the  important part of hip hop culture. It has advanced over time as a part of hip hop culture, which originated from urban youth in New York as a cultural movement. Its original listeners were primarily African America and it has spread around the world and hip hop has come to be a part for rap music  toRead MoreThe Negative Portrayal of Women in Hip Hop and Rap Music Essay1239 Words   |  5 Pagestoday, has been quoted saying, â€Å"Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change.† Although this is the original intention of hip-hop music, public opinion currently holds the opposite view. Since the 1970’s musical artists have changed the face of hip-hop and rap and worldwide, people – mostly teens—have been striving to emulate certain artists and their lyrics, which has created negative stereotypes for hip-hop music and also for those who chooseRead MoreHip-Hop Culture Essay987 Words   |  4 Pages Hip-hop culture began to develop in the south Bronx area of New York City during the 1970s. It had a significant influence in the music industry. Hip-hop music generally includes rapping, but other elements such as sampling and beatboxing also play important roles. Rapping, as a key part in the hip-hop music, takes different forms, which including signifying, dozen, toast and jazz poetry. Initially, hip-h op music was a voice of people living in low-income areas, reflecting social, economic and politicalRead MoreThe Mafia s Influence On Hip Hop1603 Words   |  7 PagesThe Mafia’s influence on Hip-Hop In Rap, there is a unique culture, history, social impact and influence on society. Hip-Hop/Rap is one of the most popular genre of music. It has helped shape the pop culture into what it is today. What is popular culture? The ideas, activities or products, which are popular among the general mass. In today’s pop culture, one subject that is at the top of the list is hip-hop/rap. Hip-Hop music highlights verses consisting of slang and catchy phrases, which some

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Good Readers And Good Writers By Vladimir Nabokov

A quick summary of both articles we will be discussing today on The Morning Show. The article, Good Readers and Good Writers by Vladimir Nabokov is basing itself on how good readers and good writers get good to begin with. Mr Nabokov explains that the author must be able to create something different and unique to â€Å"sent planet spinnings† in order to produce a successful book. While on the other hand to make yourself a good reader you must read a book with a fresh mindset as if you don’t know what s to come, go in there expecting to learn something new and do not ruin the thrill of it. Now onto John Holt’s â€Å"How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading†. This is Mr. Holt realizing that he needs to change up his methods of teaching and all it†¦show more content†¦When reading a book there’s a special order that we like to follow. We see it manually from left to right, but that s not the same case when looking at a picture we tend to open up our eyes and look at it at every angle. Once you’ve reread a book you’ll start seeing it as a painting instead of a regular book. Once you’ve cracked open the case, now the reader can enter the game. And that’s when the magic begins and people start praising the book and actually appreciate it. The attitude you bring into a book is fairly important when reading it. That is a very clever way of seeing what the meaning of reading is. However, when we come back, we will see how Mr. Holt defines reading based on his own experiences and work he has done. (commercial break) We are back! This morning we have been analyzing what reading is and hearing who is Mr. Nabokov and how he defines the meaning of reading. John Holt is here to bring in his own take of the topic and later they will go on head to head and see what solution they can agree with. C’mon out Mr Holt, time to discuss this topic we’ve been going on and off about. First of all how are you? Long time no see. Tell the viewers a bit about yourself. Hello, I’m fine. My name is John Holt I’m best known for â€Å"How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading†. Although, I have written several books hoping to influence individuals and organizations through reading. Speaking about reading,Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Good Readers And Good Writers By Vladimir Nabokov954 Words   |  4 Pagesassigned reading of â€Å"Good Readers and Good Writers† by Vladimir Nabokov probes the subject that is the necessary attributes an individual must have in order for them to be successful readers and writers of literature. A list of ten rules is then stated in the essay and sets them as the baseline commandments that an individual must follow in order to be some kind of a devoted â€Å"good reader†. While the criteria sets the standard for a â€Å"good reader† it aligns with that of a good analyzer and can be appliedRead MoreFeatures of Metafiction and Well Known Writers of the Genre Essay3025 Words   |  13 PagesThe reader of a metafiction raises the question-which is the real world? The ontology of â€Å"any fiction is justified/validated/vindicated in the context of various theories of representation in the field of literary art and practice. Among these theories the seminal and the most influential is the mimetic theory. The theory of mimesis (imitation) posits that there is a world out there, a world in which we all live and act, which we call â€Å"the real world†. What fiction does (for that matter any art)Read More Lolita Essay4884 Words   |  20 Pages De-victimizing Lolita: Removing Emotion from the Classroom Abstract: This paper focuses on Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. Specifically the argument discusses the need for reform within the classroom setting regarding student reaction and interpretation to the text. Class discussion involving Lolita tends to fall under a blanket of socially constructed presumptions that lend the discussion toward a shallow and judgmental reading of the text, and this tendency limits the discussion. This paperRead MoreAnalysis Of Fog Falling On Cedars 1623 Words   |  7 Pages I gained a new perspective on how books play an impact on how one thinks when reading a piece, as it describes the voice of the book as a human. Having said, this gave me the idea that books establish a personal connection between itself and the reader. Following through with the next chapter, Welty recognizes the value of the summer trips she experienced with her family. She makes an interesting analogy between her trips and reading by calling them â€Å"stories. Not only i n form, but in their takingRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Snow Falling On Cedars 2079 Words   |  9 Pages I gained a new perspective on how books play an impact on how one thinks when reading a piece, as it describes the voice of the book as a human. Having said, this gave me the idea that books establish a personal connection between itself and the reader. Following through with the next chapter, Welty recognizes the value of the summer trips she experienced with her family. She makes an interesting analogy between her trips and reading by calling them â€Å"stories. Not only in form, but in their takingRead MorePsychological Analysis Of James Augustine Aloysius Joyce s Two Gallants1514 Words   |  7 Pagesmodern avant-garde writer, while Weaver provided Joyce with enough money to cease working his day jobs and focus exclusively on writing. He is arguably best known for his novel Ulysses, which examines a single day in the life of its main characters. In this novel, Joyce famously cycles through various story telling styles, including drama, parody, and stream-of-consciousness, switching from one viewpoint to another rapidly and without smooth transitions. The work of an advanced writer, Russian-AmericanRead MoreComedy and Tragedy in Kafkas The Metamorphosis2608 Words   |  11 PagesKafka felt that the modern world did not tolerate the emotional, intelligent artist, and so in Gregor we see the slow punishment of the sensitive soul. The respected Russian author, Vladimir Nabokov, remarks on the importance of Gregor’s personality in his Lectures on Literature, It should be noted how kind, how good our poor little monster is. His beetlehood, while distorting and degrading his body, seems to bring out in him all his human sweetness. His utter unselfishness, his constant preoccupationRead MoreHow to Read Lit Like a Prof Notes3608 Words   |  15 Pagesmeaning to the text, which we may not be conscious of. The more consciously aware we are, the more alive the text becomes to us. d. If you don’t recognize the correspondences, it’s ok. If a story is no good, being based on Hamlet won’t save it. 6. When in Doubt, It’s from Shakespeare†¦ a. Writers use what is common in a culture as a kind of shorthand. Shakespeare is pervasive, so he is frequently echoed. b. See plays as a pattern, either in plot or theme or both. Examples: i. Hamlet: heroic characterRead MoreLiterary Criticism of The Namesake8108 Words   |  33 Pagesabout identity and the undesirability of having a fixed identity. The overcoat that Akaky buys at such cost seems to be both the material self and the social self, both of which he previously lacked, and which he then mistakes for who he is. Vladimir Nabokov even suggests that for Akaky, the coat is like a mistress or a wife--some one/thing that defines him as a normal member of society and yet paradoxically causes him to lose his essential self. One can read the story as a kind of parable aboutRead More Clockwork Orange Essay example2225 Words   |  9 Pagesand spiritual freedom. More specifically, [The ethical promise that A man who cannot choose ceases to be man] can be taken as both the explicit and implicit themes of the novel (Morgan 104). Anthony Burgess expresses his view that no matter how good ones actions are, unless one has free moral choice, he is spiritually damned. The novel revolves around one criminally minded teen, Alex, whose world consists of rape, murder, and ruthless violence. Alex is eventually setup by his droogs

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Orion Controls Case free essay sample

Orion Controls Case Executive Summary Faced with the challenge of continuing to remain the leader in industrial valve systems, Orion Controls is required to decide whether or not to carry out product improvement redesigns. A successful redesign will secure the company an initial level of sales of 50 or 90 units to two new customers followed by the benefits of enjoying an innovator’s reputation. An expected profit of $262,900 resulting from a product redesign given the information available with Orion and current commitments, the company is advised to carry out the redesign and sell to Avion Chemicals and Kemikal. Orion can make a profit of up to $655,000 if successful in achieving dramatic changes in its existing model SV44A-10 given successful software upgrade adopting the short-cut approach. With hitches through the software upgrade and product redesign, Orion might achieve lower profits or even incur losses, the worst scenario being a loss to the tune of $440,000 should the software update as well as product redesign both fail. We will write a custom essay sample on Orion Controls Case or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There is a 72% chance that Orion will make a profit; however, a 28% chance it will incur losses. The benefits clearly outweigh the losses, making this a favorable project for the company. Another advantage is that the company might be able to recover all of its redesign expenses thereby making upcoming production and sales more profitable in the future. The premium of being the innovating company is high. Companies must invest in Research Development. Orion is a $600 million company and a RD cost of $440,000 (the maximum cost to produce the valve) is a relatively minor cost. Body This report presents profitability possibilities, risks and detailed analyses to assist Orion Controls to decide whether or not it should invest in improving its existing smart valve systems SV44A-10. Orion has contracted with Avion to redesign its current valve system whereby Avion will purchase 50 units of the redesigned valve provided completion within nine months. Kemikal has expressed an interest in purchasing the newly designed valve. Neither company is interested in purchasing the existing design. †¢ Key Decision Tree Results: o If Orion successfully engineers dramatic improvements in the SV44A-10 valve, the company will realize a profit. Avion proposed purchasing 50 units and paying a 100% premium for a dramatically improved valve at a price of $20,000 per unit; $10,000 per valve plus a $10,000 premium. There is also a 60% probability of Kemikal purchasing an additional 40 units of the dramatically improved valve which will result in profits of $655,000. However, if the valve is only modestly improved, Avion will purchase 50 valves at price of $12,000; $10,000 per valve plus a 20% premium of $2,000. There is only a 30% chance Kemikal will purchase modestly improved valves. With only modest improvements to the valve, the redesign project will not be profitable to Orion. o The software upgrade should be a major concern for Orion. If a short-cut approach is successful, the software development costs will be $120,000. However, if the short-cut approach fails, Orion will face an additional fixed cost of $240,000 for software development. In addition, the software development will take eight months to develop; which will put the project at risk for completion within the nine months promised to Avion. Orion will be profitable with dramatic improvements of the design. Both Avion and Kemikal have agreed to pay a 100% premium for dramatic improvements. References: Danesh, John, et al. Helicobacter pylori infection and early onset myocardial infarction: case-control and sibling pairs study. Bmj 319.7218 (1999): 1157-1162. Syrjà ¤nen, Jaana, et al. Preceding infection as an important risk factor for ischaemic brain infarction in young and middle aged patients. Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 296.6630 (1988): 1156-1160. Syrjà ¤nen, J., et al. Dental infections in association with cerebral infarction in young and middle†aged men. Journal of internal medicine 225.3 (1989): 179-184. Hansen, S., et al. Helicobacter pylori infection and risk of cardia cancer and non-cardia gastric cancer: a nested case-control study. Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology 34.4 (1999): 353-360. Dorneich, Michael C., et al. A task-based reach-zone analysis of the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle controls. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 2011 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2011.

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The Effects Of Marijuana On The Brain Essays - Cannabis Smoking

The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain Marijuana has been illegal for years because of the thought that it was a drug similar to cocaine, or heroin. Drugs such as cocaine and heroin affect the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with extremely pleasurable sensations. If a drug interferes with its production and causes too much to be produced the result is extremely pleasurable and can lead to severe abuse and addiction. It has recently been proven that marijuana is not a drug that affects the production of dopamine. The average marijuana plant contains over 400 chemicals and when the plant is smoked or vaporized the heat produces many more. Receptors in the nerve cells of the brain receive these chemicals and the chemicals cause the nerve cell to change in some way. The chemical in marijuana that has the biggest impact on the brain is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC receptors are abundant in the brain but they are concentrated in certain areas. One region of the brain where THC receptors are highly concentrated is the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the area of the brain that processes memory. When THC attaches to receptors in the hippocampus, it weakens short-term memory. The hippocampus also communicates with other regions of the brain that process new information into long-term memory. So under the influence of marijuana, new information may never register and be lost from memory completely. There is also a dense concentration of THC receptors in the basal ganglia and the cerebellum. Both of these areas affect movement and coordination. One area that does not contain any THC receptors is the medulla. The medulla controls many functions essential to life such as heart rate and digestion so the lack of receptors in this area has prevented any deadly overdoses of marijuana. In addition to having significant effects on the brain and impairing memory and coordination, marijuana has effects on other viscera as well. Marijuana causes the heart to beat up to forty times more per minute. This can cause heart attacks or heart failure. Approximately 1% of all heart attack victims suffer their heart attacks on the same day as using marijuana and .2% of victims say that they smoked marijuana within one hour of their attack. The effects of marijuana on the heart and other organs can be very dangerous, however this effect is highly insignificant compared to the effects on the brain. Marijuana can be very dangerous if used in excess. Though it does not cause the user to become physically dependent it can cause them to become psychologically dependent. The brain is quite possibly the most important organ in the body and the use of marijuana causes the brain to function in ways that can be dangerous to the user or to others and for this marijuana is illegal, and justly so.